1 1/2" 15 m · Radal level gauge
1 1/2" · 15 m · ATEX Radar level gauge


  • Radar level gauge for continuous level measurement of tanks up to 15 m in height. (Other models available for tanks with higher height)
  • Connectable up to 16 units to the same TANK MODEM PLUS KIT, to send the readings to the cloud software: www.dieselplus.net or the APP ‘Dieselplus Tanks’.
  • Particularly suitable for level measurement in water treatment, pumping stations and rain overflow basins and for many other industrial applications.
  • Suitable both for measuring fluids and granular solids and for maintenance-free use on small bulk silos or bulk solid containers.
  • Maintenance-free operation due to non-contact 80 GHz radar technology.
  • Exact measuring results independent of the product, process and ambient conditions.
  • 4-thread axial cable output, measuring range up to 15 m in height, deviation of ±2 mm, with Modbus communication.
  • 2-20 mA available version to your PLC, under request.
  • ATEX version available to measure in explosive environments.


  • The equipment emits a continuous radar signal through its antenna. The emitted signal is reflected by the product and received as an echo by the antenna.
  • The frequency difference between the emitted signal and the received signal is proportional to the distance and depends on the filling height. The determined filling height is converted into a respective output signal and output as a measured value.
  • You must connect the Tank Modem Plus Kit to display the level in the APP 'Dieselplus Tanks' or in www.dieselplus.net.


  • Measurement range: up to 15 m
  • Measurement error: ±2mm
  • Beam angle: 8º
  • Measurement frequency: W-band (80 GHz technology)
  • Output signal: Digital output signal according to the EIA-485 standard
  • Data protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Levelmaster, GESPASA
  • Process connection: Thread G 1 ½" · 1 ½" NPT · R 1 ½"
  • Mounting Union: Thread G 1" · 1" NPT · R 1"
  • Process pressure: -1 · +3 bar
  • Process and ambient temperature: -40 / +80 ºC
  • Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Typical range: 25 m
  • Supply voltage: 8-30 VDC
  • Protection type: IP-66 / IP-68