Transfer, filtering, measuring and control. Kits for fuel, lubricant, AdBlue/DEF and, in general, fluid control.

Since 1974 we design and manufacture equipment to meet your needs in fluid handling.

In this video we introduce our facilities and our manufacturing process, where you can see that most of them are integrated in the same factory. This gives us a global vision of the product and an effective quality control in each of the processes.

In times where globalisation and process outsourcing is gaining ground, at GESPASA we have developed an integration of talent, knowledge and production processes that allow us to tackle any project in the management of fluids and data in a transversal way.

The factory and offices are located in Balaguer (Lleida) Spain, covering an area of 7,000 m2 built in an area of 30,000 m2.

Infrastructure and productive capacity:

  • Mould and die workshop
  • Plastic injection warehouse
  • NC machining centres
  • Painting ship
  • Primitive laboratory for calibrations
  • Testing and wear laboratory
  • Assembly plant
  • Stock
  • Technical and R&D office
  • Metal processing factory
  • Design and manufacture of electronic components
  • Design and creation of Software for fluid management
  • Commercial offices
  • Created in 1974, today we are a leading company in systems for the transfer, filtering, measurement and control of automotive fluids, fuels, greases and lubricants.

    Nowadays we have a wide variety of customers, in practically all sectors:

    • Industry
    • Mining and construction
    • Farming
    • Logistics
    • Equipment for workshops / Decontamination Centres

    We fully develop hardware and software equipment and applications for the industry.

    Design> Proposal> Prototype> Validation> Production
  • Tot Comercial SA started its business in La Fuliola (Spain), the Urgell region, a rural area of ​​farmers and ranchers, in 1974.

    Andreu Pané, the founder, detected the difficulty in the transfer of diesel and started the activity by manufacturing a compressor motor pump for 200-litre drums.

    In 1994, the factory was moved to a new facility in Balaguer (La Noguera) where it was possible to answer to the needs for expansion and integration of processes in the same location.

    International expansion and development of software and electronic equipment began.

    In these years, we have known how to evolve by responding to market advances, maintaining solvent relationships with customers and suppliers, which has allowed us to continuously reinvest in their resources.

    The company maintains a leading position both in the development of new products and in production methods: a constant evolution with the aim of creating value in each process and continuously innovating through excellence.

    Andreu Pané, Founder and current president, continues to encourage us every day to pursue excellence and instill the values ​​that have been our standard from the beginning.

    Currently GESPASA is led by the second generation of the family to consolidate its international expansion and the development of new products and solutions.

    At Gespasa we are faithful followers of these values. This is the origin of our fame and our success!

  • The Gespasa brand identifies our commitment, our company and our products everywhere we are.