6 to 50 l/h

Additive dispenser · 6 to 50 l/h
  • The GESPASA additive dispenser has the function to dispensing and inject additive to the fuel. 
  • It can be used in petrol stations, logistic tanks or charge boards.
  • It has an injection pump and an electronic heading that allows to configure the percentages of additive corresponding to each type of fuel.
  • Optionally, it allows to send the supply data to a PC or the Cloud.


  • Compatible with containers of different capacities
  • Version for fixed installation
  • It can be placed indoors or outdoors. It has a metallic cabinet with a door an lock to store the kit and the additive container.
  • The additive dispenser must be installed at a maximum height of 1.5 m on the additive container.
  • The kit is supplied with 1 m of suction tube and 2 m of delivery tube, both lengthened.


  • Just select the type and amount of fuel to discharge and the additive dispenser will supply the exact amount of additive according to the configured percentage.
  • It can inject additive to an adjustable flow of 0.1 l/min to 0.85 l/min.


  • Power supply: 230 VAC (180-270 VAC) (1.25 A fuse)
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Working ambient temperature: 0 to +45 ºC
  • Dosage liquid temperature: 0 to +50 ºC
  • Transport and package temperature: -10 to +50 ºC
  • Installation class: II
  • IP-55 protection
  • Maximum pressure: 3 bar
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Maximum height of the suction tube: 1.5 m
  • Minimum flow: 6 l/h
  • Maximum flow: 50 l/h

Size and weight (approx.):

  • Dim.: 550x270x405 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 25.5 kg