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Filtration Equipment in a 20' container

Customer's request:
20' container equipped with a transfer and filtration system. That allows unloading and filtering at a high flow rate at the time it is unloaded from the tanker truck. It has pumps to supply fuel to auxiliary tanks for powering electric generators.

Solution provided:
The team performs the functions of:
“BULK filtration” (Discharge filtration): To filter at high flow rate at the time of discharge. In this way, we prevent most impurities from entering our tank.
A high-flow model BDP pump and an FG-1000 filter with two-stage filtration are used.
Recirculation: A PLC has been installed in the electrical panel to program the filtration functions and hours. By filtering in recirculation, the fuel will be kept clean and the creation of sediments in the tank will be avoided. By removing the water through the water-absorbent filters, bacteria are prevented from being born and reproducing.
Final filtration at the time of supply: The supply is carried out by means of a double pumping system, with EA-65 model gear pumps. The filtration equipment is a FG-300 in two stages. Any possible impurity that may have remained in the tank or in the installation itself is removed in the final filtration process. We have different types of filters depending on the level of contamination and desired fuel quality.

The control panel has a PLC that will control the level probes of the auxiliary tanks, to supply automatically.