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Dispensers for GT and TC formula cars in 24-hour races

Customer's request:
Dispensers for fuel supply for cars in 24-hour worldwide races for GT-3, GT-4, TCR, TC... type cars. All cars must compulsorily supply these dispensers in the specific refuelling area. Dispensers must be easy to install and transportable from race to race. The cars must be identified and depending on the type of vehicle, power, class and track conditions must supply a maximum amount of fuel at a specific flow rate. The fuel used is FIA approved competition petrol. All supply information must be recorded. The dispensers cannot be stopped or damaged during the entire race, so they must be very resistant.

Solution provided:
Five dispensers are designed with the dimensions required by the customer in order to optimise the space of the truck or container. The equipment is protected with a stainless steel chassis, drip collection tray and wheels. By means of the GK-7 controller with a special firmware, the quantity supplied and the flow rate of the dispenser are controlled. There are cars that refuel at 45 l/min and others that refuel between 100 and 80%. The dispensers are continuously controlling the flow rate and self-adjusting it, modifying the rotational speed of the pump. The delivery accuracy is 0.2%.
From the PC program, GKSuite RACE, we are connected to the pumps via Wi-Fi and we receive information on the status of the track, all in real time. In the case of the virtual safety car, it is only allowed to supply half the fuel, with which the PC informs the pumps of the new maximum quantity allowed.
Every time a supply is made, the corresponding team is informed of the quantity supplied to their car through a message.
During the race or at the end of the race, different reports can be made of the litres supplied to each car or totals.