• FG2000x3_particle_counter

3-stage filtration at 2,000 lpm with particle counter at filter inlet and outlet

Customer's request:
A marina wishes to supply fuel free of impurities to the yachts they supply.
The customer states that the fuel contains a lot of solid impurities and water.
The injection systems of the yachts are very sensitive and the marina owner wants to be 100 % sure that they are supplying fuel that is compatible with the injection systems of the yachts they supplies. In short, to remove impurities and water from the fuel.

Solution provided:
A filter with a capacity of 2,000 litres is installed.
The capacity of the filter is greater than the flow rate at which it is supplied, as this increases filtration efficiency.
Filtration is carried out in three stages: 15 microns + 5 microns + 2 microns with efficiency beta 1,000.
With this filtration equipment we will eliminate 99.99 % of impurities larger than 2 microns.
To check the quality of the fuel, an optical particle counter is installed. With the counter we can obtain the ISO code and the number of impurities of each size (with an accuracy of ±20 %) present in the fuel, before and after filtration.