eTOTEM-22 Fast recharge 2 three-phase sockets
eTOTEM-22 · Electrical vehicle charger
  • eTOTEM for recharging electrical vehicles (EV) · Fast recharge
  • 2 three-phase power sockets · Type II 400 VAC-32 A-22 kW per outlet.
  • Designed to facilitate the recharging of any type of electric vehicle, adapt to the urban environment and withstand weathering and vandalism.
  • Outdoor installation in the open. It does not require marquee or similar.
  • Antivandalism design without slots in the control equipment to avoid any type of damage caused by elements introduced in a malicious way.
  • Recharging up to two vehicles simultaneously of any type of EV in modes 1, 2 and 3 (according to IEC 61851-1)
  • Made of stainless steel and steel with anti-oxidant treatment painted with anti-UV epoxy. This ensures the colour and appearance of the equipment for a long time.
  • Base to fix directly to the floor with screws or recessed base (*1)


Technical features:

  • Output power range from 3.6 to 22 kW
  • Output voltage: 230 VAC / 400 VAC
  • Electrical protections according to the norm (ITC-BT-52)
  • Type of connector: 2 three-phase sockets Type II (according to IEC 62196-2) or Schuko
  • Mode 3 (according to IEC 61851-1)
  • Indicator of the load through high visibility LEDs
  • Protection: IP-54



Control and communication:

  • Energy and power meter approved according to MID
  • Electronic console with GPRS modem and SIM included. Integrated antenna
  • Alphanumeric display for bidirectional communication with the user. The recharge data can be viewed on the device display or through your smartphone with an internet connection.
  • Data transmission autonomously and automatically through GPRS, Ethernet or ZigBee.
  • Data that is transmitted: Time and date of the recharge, user, vehicle, Time of recharge, Energy, Identification of the equipment, state of the equipment
  • User identification through proximity card or RFID keyring (*1)

     (*1) Optionally, it is possible to select alternative means of identification such as: iButton key, RFID TAG installed in the vehicle with wireless reader, barcode reader or identification through the smartphone (*2).

  • Bidirectional communication with the cloud: From the Internet, all the information provided by the team is accessed: supplies, users, equipment status ... And from the Internet it is possible to block or configure the equipment.
  • API for data exchange with any type of software or communication protocol.


Different configurable modes of use:

  • Access limited to registered users: Only registered users can connect.
  • Free access: Anyone can connect.
  • Public access where any user can register in the APP (*2) or online.
  • Availability of payment per service in the APP (*2) or online (*2).


(*1) Optional elements

(*2) In development

Size and weight (approx.):
  • Dim.: 425x300x1,550 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 75 kg

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